About us

We are a Swiss company that develops customized concepts of anti-fraud software, offering consultancy for the implementation of software used in the field of anti-fraud and compliance of a legal or corporate nature.

With a combined experience of 40 years in the field of anti-fraud and solutions for anonymous and personalized reporting of incidents of fraud, non-compliance, abuse and waste, we decided to develop a solution that we would have liked to have at hand all this time.

This is how the TrustLine System platform was created.


At the beginning of the collaboration, we want to go through the necessary steps together in order to optimize the TrustLine System confidential reporting functionalities for the benefit of the organization, as follows:

  • Analysis of the specific needs of the organization
  • Defining the customization and scaling needs of the TrustLine system
  • Establishing the necessary training and defining the training program
  • Establishing the need for internal and external communication services, while defining the audience and relevant messages
  • Defining initial message response drafts and message pre-post questionnaires
  • Defining the internal whistleblowing and non-retaliation program / policy or adapting a relevant internal policy to include this instrument
  • Addressing the risks of a legal or operational nature deriving from the legislation in the field of personal data protection

Platform customization

TrustLine System functionalities and workflows are configured according to the specifics of each client

  • Customization according to the target audience - internally, externally or both
  • Analysis of relevant data on which the organization will be able to base its decisions and implementation of relevant widgets in Dashboard or Analytics mode, as appropriate
  • Configure and customize the translation system based on the option to perform translations with TrustLine System partners or client partners
  • Configuring the notification and alert system
  • Dashboard configuration: select the type of data relevant to the organization, the view, set access levels, etc.
  • Case Manager configuration: defining the number of parameters that define a case, customizations "look & feel", setting needs and data storage solutions, migration of existing data in the organization

Maintenance and archiving of information

TrustLine System users receive professional support 24/24, 365 days a year.

  • Compliant management of personal data for external users
  • Data retention system, according to customer requirements
  • 24/7/365 Support, Live Operator Support, dedicated phone number for Enterprise customers who want this option
  • Billing and allocation system by cost centers. For example, if the system is used by HR and Operations, we can calculate the degree of utilization on each of the two cost centers.

Internal and external communication

TrustLine System offers internal and external communication solutions, customized according to the specifics of each client.

  • Internal and external communication - digital support (email, direct messages, newsletter, etc.)
  • Internal and external communication - print support (posters, flyers, rollup, etc.)
  • Update internal procedures

Streamlining budgets

TrustLine System helps companies significantly reduce their costs with outsourced information analysis services relevant to cases of conflict of interest, such as:

  • Financial audit services
  • Operational audit services
  • Investigation services
  • Occupational safety and occupational medicine services
  • Risk assessment services
  • Employee support services
  • Services for evaluating and updating business processes in order to limit losses caused by waste or poor management, etc.

Litigation support

TrustLine provides litigation support services and cooperates with selected lawyers for the following:

  • Legal assistance for disputing on sanctions imposed by relevant authorities in relation to whistleblower management activities
  • Corporate defence preparation, negotiation, and assistance in whistleblower retaliation cases
  • Conducting independent investigations to identify, collect and preserve relevant evidence in the above cases
  • Other legal or support services for whistleblowing related matters

Investigations and quick response

The first response service represents a series of actions in response to a whistleblowing report, as follows:

  • Acknowledging a receipt of a whistleblower report
  • Providing an initial response to whistleblowing reports
  • Undertaking a subsequent communication to assess the whistleblower's good faith, requesting additional information to substantiate a case
  • Assessment and triage of a case
  • Assigning the matter to the correct function responsible for the investigation or other inquiries

We can now begin to customize the TrustLine System together to meet the specific needs of your organization, making it an important step toward an organizational culture based on trust and ethics.